August 22 NBA2K17 First Trailer apper and Pre-Order Bonuses Details Sidst udgivet den 22-08-2016

This summer, NBA2K17 will be appear into your life, await is long but soon to be end. With wait is getting shorter and the fans are excited for NBA add more new features, gameplay and presentation. Every year, NBA2K17 make more changes and make fans to get more surprise, it's provided for NBA fans a much realistic gaming experience, speaking of this aspect, NBA2K17 is successful.
First trailer of the upcoming "NBA2K17" already was debuted by 2K sports, the trailer showing the scene of 2016 USA Men's basketball matchup the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team. On the background add some highlights into it, we can see that both teams are held standing for a USA National Anthem.
2K Sports fans are expecting a huge change on the upcoming "NBA 2K17". Last year's release was praised by game critics due to its rich gameplay with a more reaslistic moves and in-game animations. But weeks after, it was criticized because of its My Career feature, yet it was directed by the renowned Spike Lee, players are in short of a very limited customization and felt like the feature is very scripted.
According to U4NBA, "NBA 2K17" has already revealed the all new My Team NBA Cards via 2K Sports' twitter account. Three NBA Cards are included in the "NBA 2K17" pre-order Gold Edition, cards included are Kobe Bryant, Paul George and the his Airness himself Michael Jordan. 2K Sports that in "NBA 2K17" these three players have a respectable 90+ overall player rating, 90 for George and a maximum 99 overall rating for both Bryant and Jordan.
"NBA 2K17" is expected to tweak the My Career mode on a user-free manner that every player want to customize their NBA fictional player from physical features to its life story.
Additionally, as announced by GameNGuide, Solid Oak Sketches filed a lawsuit against Take-Two interactive for a tattoo designed issue, a tattoo design which is part of their property was recreated and used by Take-Two interactive. Though the lawsuit was dismissed, Solid Oak is still pushing for another lawsuit since the said tattoo designed is still in use until NBA 2K16.
Speaking of NBA2K17 release date, some player fans would be know: official news reported: NBA2K17 soon to be release on september 20th, but if you preorder your copy, you can get it four days early on the 16th. Player's expectation is more, NBA will be provided for you more, we ensure that NBA2K17 will be the best NBA video game around.

August 22 NBA 2K17 Latest Trailer Including New game, New faces, and New jerseys Sidst udgivet den 22-08-2016

It's clearly know that the basketball video game scene already was dominated by the NBA2K franchise from 2K Sports. in 1999, they debuted with  Allen Iverson on the cover, when the new trailer for the next installment of the best-selling basketball video game franchise is due out, it's now become an internet viewing event. 
NBA2K fans awaiting for more new trailer update, On Monday, pay attention to 2K Sports released  their #FRICTION trailer, many 2K fans cannot express their the feeling of delight. More trailer, latest news, footage, recommend click into U4NBA.COM to get more. 
It features 3D court intros, new players in new places, brand new jerseys for the upcoming season, cover athlete Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, new celebrations like Los Angeles Lakers' guard D'Angelo Russell saying he has ice water in his veins, and of course the struggle between Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and old Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook fighting for the ball.
It even looks like there's a dunk team during timeouts. The presentation looks pretty good. This years version of the game, NBA 2k17, is set to release world wide on September 20th, but if you preorder your copy, you can get it four days early on the 16th. Of course, you could buy NBA2K17 MT, more playable game awaiting for you.

August 22 NBA 2K17 Latest Trailer Surely Not Make You Disappoint Sidst udgivet den 22-08-2016

NBA2K17 soon to be release about less than a month, it will be full of NBA2K17 news in the street. Additionally, the award-winning video game is gradually toward to fans, we ensure that all fanatic fans was shocked by the series of latest iteration and drastic basketball video game.
It's pleased to know that 2K Sports revealed its "Friction" trailer on monday, its remarkable features is the song by the same name from Imagine Dragons. From the trailer we can get the feeling of realistic of NBA the 2K17 video game. Because of more authentic aspects have been added to 2K17 such as cheerleaders and mascots firing T-shirts included into the stands, meanwhile, during timeouts to entertaining in order to improved crowd reactions get more wonderful effect. 
On the court, long-time fans of the series will notice little details that separate the NBA 2K series from other sports titles. Watching Karl-Anthony Towns battle for low-post position with Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah and Robin Lopez struggle for a rebound demonstrates the improved physicality of the on-court action. Seeing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook wrestle for the ball was also a funny and nice touch.
2K Sports also nails individual player celebrations -- something they've done well for years. D'Angelo Russell points to his arms in his signature "I got ice in my veins" moment while Damian Lillard gestures to his wrist, signaling he knows what time it is. Kobe Bryant even makes a couple of appearances, wearing his old-school No. 8, as part of the game's legendary teams.
Players' reactions to shots also appear to be improved as Dwight Howard tries to will a free throw in with some exaggerated body language (good luck with that one, Dwight) and Lillard runs away after taking a jumper in anticipation of celebrating the moment.
The key moments for players in the game is likely just a brief clips,  Draymond Green yells to the crowd and flexes, we can clear see LeBron wipes some dirt off his shoulder while scowling for the camera. More details worth to attention it, details just like breathes life into this video game, pay attention to NBA2K17 release date is sept.20, more latest news of NBA2K17, stay tuned U4NBA.